Hi! Tegan Monfort here,

and I’m so glad you stopped by 😀

Fun-loving family moments are what I love to capture in photography. Photographs are the portal to moments, making memories that last a lifetime. Let me help you capture these memories you can carry with you forever.

A Little about me:

  1. I LOVE to Dance!!  In my more formative years, I danced in competitions and taught but now this is mostly done in my house as a dance party with my kids 😉
  2. I have 2 littles, H1 and H2, who are my inspiration and the subjects in many of my photos. This is hazard of being a photographers kid
  3. I share the same passion for Water (ocean, river and pool) that my late Father had
  4. As you can see, my Family is my passion – Mine is a big one – There are too many to mention and count so lets just say I love them and have so much support I thank my lucky stars each day. They are the key to my business name *My kids and my father comprise the inspiration in H2O 😉
  5. Last but not least my husband of nine years – He is my soulmate with little words, but a huge supporter of giving a girl what she wants and a great jewelry gifter, so I definitely will be keeping him